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Need to ship a laser? Relocate a CT scanner?


Craters & Freighters Central New Jersey offers customized services for the medical industry. Items that need to be shipped such as CT Scanners, MRI machines and surgical equipment requires attention from packaging and crating specialists. The needs of the piece of equipment being shipped are thoroughly assessed before any packaging or crating begins.

Our packaging and crating experts recognize that medical equipment can contain fragile and breakable items such as lasers, lenses, mirrors and gages. Once the equipment's specific needs are considered, we go to work on providing the best cushioning, packaging, and container to ensure proper protection against abrasion, vibration, shock and moisture during the shipping process.

Craters & Freighters Central New Jersey can also assist in shipping hospital furniture such as beds, exam tables, desks and lighting fixtures.

Does your company manufacture medical equipment? Craters & Freighters Central New Jersey can provide a consultation to determine the best packaging and crating solutions for your product when it is ready to be shipped to your customers. We offer product specific packaging and crating, as well as, production run crates.

Call Craters & Freighters Central New Jersey today to determine the best packaging, crating and shipping options for all your medical equipment's needs.

  • CT Scanners
  • MRI Machines
  • Diagnostic Equipment
  • Lab Equipment
  • X-Ray Devices
  • Surgical Equipment
  • Hospital Furniture

We offer one-stop solutions for your medical equipment:


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